Full Circle Filament (FCF) is a startup social enterprise that’s collaborating with leading academic and for-profit entities to change the way we use plastic. Plastic waste is a key contributor to the degradation of our natural systems. We aim to reduce the volume of plastics entering our waterways and landfills while also reducing its production by recycling waste plastic into a high-quality 3D printing filament, a product with fast-growing demand. In doing so, we’ll help improve the incomes of the informal recycling collectors who are the foundation of Southeast Asia’s recycling systems.

As China cutoff waste plastic shipments on January 1, 2018, a serious problem became dire for the countries who were “solving” the problem by sending it away. We now need new solutions that integrate these resources in the manner of ecosystems. We know what we need to do and we have the benefit of urgency pressing us on. Full Circle Filament is here to bring 3D printing to the circular economy.

The days of take-make-waste are over. Welcome to the Full Circle era.

FCF has achieved technical proof-of-concept and is now fund-raising to bring our first product to market. If that’s of interest, please reach out to us: contact (at) fullcirclefilament (dot) com or drop us a note over on Facebook.

For more information, download our concept note and our pitch deck.