Full Circle Filament wins ImpacTech's Demo Day

full circle filament, ImpacTech, Covestro

Full Circle Filament has spent the past 4+ months engaging in ImpacTech’s 2018/2019 Thailand cohort along with DevCurate, Loops, and Chako.
We learned a lot in the program as we spent the time preparing to fundraise for our launch. If you’d like to have a look, here’s our fundraising deck.

We’re excited to announce that we took first in Impactech’s pitching competition on Friday. We want to thank the ImpacTech team, our instructors and mentors in the program, and the rest of our cohort for making the program a great learning experience. They all helped us accelerate our planning efforts as we dialed in our strategy and got ready for launch. We’re really excited about the next phase of our development.

Please check out the video from our big event.