Growing Inclusion While Fighting Plastic Waste in Thailand

Our partners at Endeva gave us a nice write-up on their blog. Here’s the intro.

Endeva Project: Full Circle Filament

Endeva is building a social enterprise in Thailand that creates filament for 3D printing out of recycled plastic. This innovative inclusive business is set up to increase wages for waste pickers and combat the growing problem of plastic waste. Here is our story on how we got started an where we are today.

Sinking in Plastic

Covestro, a plastics manufacturer, approached us with the ambition to develop an inclusive business in Thailand that would battle the country‚Äôs waste problem.

In Thailand, plastic pollution is a relatively new challenge. There is no culture of separation at the source, and their waste management depends on informal pickers that earn around 3USD a day.

The rest of the post is available here.

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